dinner menu

fresh daily oyster and seafood selection, locally sourced from fishermen and purveyors who focus on sustainability as much as we do


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dinner menu

Raw Bar

House Oysters 1/2 dozen

1/2 dozen

$ 12
House Oysters 1 dozen


$ 24
Little Neck Clams 1/2 dozen

1/2 dozen

$ 9
Little Neck Clams 1 Dozen


$ 15
Shrimp Cocktail $ 15
All in Platter

3 oysters, 3 clams, mussels, 3 shrimps with cocktail sauce and black pepper mignonette

$ 21

Festival Mussels

Steamed PEI Mussels in curry broth with fresh herbs, julienne carrots & cellery

$ 14
Jerk Chicken Wings

Tamarind jerked wings served with side os home made Mango chutney

$ 15
Charred Sweet Caesar

Romaine hearts, charred and topped with gratedqueso Blanco & parmigiano drizzled with our Sweet caesar dressing and olive oil

Add Cajun Shrimps $12

Add 4 Oz Hand pulled Lobster meat  $14

$ 10
Grilled Oysters

Oysters on the ½ shell, grilled in butter, herbs and Parmigiano cheese

$ 12
Baby Arugula Salad

Shaved fennel, ricotta salata shavings, grilled squid, over baby arugula in a lemon/olive oil dressing

$ 13
Lobster Mac & Cheese

2 Oz. Hand-pulled Lobster meat, sharp & mild cheddar, topped with a crunchy layer of Italian bacon and panko

$ 17
Artichoke Crabmeat Dip

Artichoke hearts & Kale in a 3 cheese mixture, topped with Lump crabmeat and Gruyere

$ 13
Fried Calamari $ 12
New England Clam Chowder


$ 5.5
New England Clam Chowder Bowl


$ 8
Shishito Peppers

Blistered shishito peppers drizzled with truffle oil

$ 9

Mac & Cheese $ 9
Vegetable of the Day $ 8
Chive-Mashed Potato $ 7
Fresh Hand-cut Fries $ 6
Yucca Fries $ 8
Rice & Peas $ 6
Cheddar Grits $ 8
Curry Veggies $ 9

Fish Tacos

Fried fish (Daily Selection), our mango coleslaw and avocado mousse served in warm tortillas. (2 tacos per order)

$ 12
Maine Lobster Roll

Butter, lemon-mayo, spices, homemade potato chips & coleslaw

$ 25
Crabby Patty

Crab Cake Burger served on a sweet brioche bun, with greens, spicy remouladè and shoe string fries

$ 15
Skirt Steak Philly

Grilled skirt steak strips, melted Asiago cheese, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, chipotle aioli served on ciabatta bread, with Yuca fries

$ 16

Maine Lobster

Broiled with fingerling potatoes, vegetable of the day
(Limited Availability)

$ M/P
Catch of the Day

Today’s wild catch, blackened & served with home made cassava cake, french beans & coconut – basil sauce

(ask your server for daily selection)

$ 28
Myers’s Spiced Chicken

Grass-ged Half chicken marinated in Myers’s Rum, jerk seasoning and tamarind brown sauce, served with rice & beans and our mango coleslaw

$ 19
BBQ Ribs

passion fruit bbq smoked all natural spare ribs served with citrus kale and side of sweet potato salad

$ 24
Fish & Chips

Fried Cod in a beer batter served with hand-cut fries, tartar sauce and homemade coleslaw

$ 19
Steak Frites

Grilled to order, served with hand cut fries & mixed greens salad

$ 26
Shrimp Mofongo

Sauteèd wild shrimps served with mashed plantains, dates and baby-shrimps, saffron aioli sauce

$ 24
Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Chive-mashed potato, shiitake mushrooms and cream sauce

$ 22
Veggie Platter

Seasonal veggie island stew, served with chimichurri tostones and side of rice & peas

$ 19
Fried Whole Fish

Fried Pompano served with side of tostones & signature sauces

$ 34
Off The Hook Boil

Daily selection of crabs and seafood mix, steamed to perfection, served with side of rice and Argentinian sausage. Serves 2.

$ 65

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Boasting the largest Rum selection in New York City with over 70 different choices, we invite you to discover the multitude of flavors, aromas, proofs and spices.

Let this Wicked Spirit transport you away to your favorite Island, one sip at a time…

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